Film and Worldview

Summer B (July 17, 2023 to August 25, 2023)

Students will learn to examine film in light of a Christian worldview, by looking at storytelling, worldview and spirituality in the movies. Students will be viewing movies in and out of class and participating in class discussions. Finally, students will see how the story of redemption is one that is central to the majority of movies we view. This course is eligible for dual enrollment credit for junior and senior diploma students. Homework will average about 6 - 8 hours per week for the summer course.

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Price: $599.00


Minimum age of 15 on the first day of class.


Film and Worldview Course Kit (003567)
  • Hollywood Worldviews (325301)
  • The Universe Next Door (325091)
  • An Experiment in Criticisms (325312)
  • Film Maker's Handbook (435370)
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    8:00 AM - 11:00 AM EST
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