Computer Programming C#

Have little or no experience in computer programming but want to advance your technology skills? This course is a step-by-step introduction to the principles of computer programming, learning how to think like a programmer, and learning the C# programming language. You will learn:

  • What programming is all about
  • How to write simple but non-trivial programs from scratch
  • Basic programming constructs such as statements, types, variables, conditions, and loops
  • How to think like a programmer and be creative in your understanding of coding principles
  • C# as a modern, mainstream programming language
  • Visual Studio as one of the world’s most popular programming tools
  • Designed by a member of the VSA faculty who has written software solutions that are still being used in healthcare today and who later went on to work for Microsoft, this course is grounded in hands-on experience and will immerse you in minimum theory and maximum coding. Our emphasis will be on doing and implementing as opposed to theorizing and memorizing.

    Price: $749.00


    Minimum age 14 and up


    Computer Programming C# Live Course Kit (003614)
  • C# Programming for Absolute Beginners (151030)
  • Sections

    Section A
    7:05 PM - 8:35 PM EDT
    1 Seat
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