World Religions

One might think religious literacy would be at an all-time high in the information age, but the opposite seems true. Popular perspectives embody oversimplified definitions of various religions, sometimes even leading to the conclusion that all religions desire the same ends. What exactly is a "religion," and how does a belief system become a worldwide movement? Did the Buddha really teach nearly the same things as Christ? How did Christianity flip the world's understanding of religion upside down? How and when did Islam arise? Certainly, not all religions are created equal, but what makes them different? This course is an objective exploration of the world's major religions, both ancient and modern in origin. It is designed to equip students to understand religious schools of thought, and to winsomely engage with people of differing beliefs. Average weekly homework for this summer course will be 4 - 6 hours for the summer course.

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Minimum age of 14 on the first day of class.


The World's Religions (Plus) (255800)

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8:00 AM - 11:00 AM EDT
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