Math 4 Math-U-See Epsilon

Epsilon will apply the knowledge and mastery of basic operations of whole numbers to these operations of fractions. Unique manipulatives known as Fraction Overlays will be used to present a visual and concrete explanation of a fraction, four basic operations of fractions, equivalent fractions, and common denominators. Other topics included are mixed numbers and improper fractions; using multiple strategies to recognize common factors; understanding and grouping symbols and their effect on order of operations; interpreting and solving word problems; comparing and converting decimal fractions; finding the area and circumference of circles; classifying quadrilaterals; representing fractions and fractional measurements on line plots and number lines; and using coordinates to represent ordered relationships. Math-U-See Epsilon meets the fourth grade requirement for the VSA Associate and Standard Level diploma only. Homework will average 4-6 hours per week.

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Minimum age of 9 and maximum age of 12 on the first day of class. Successful completion of Math 3 Math-U-See Delta or comparable course in the previous 24 months is strongly encouraged.


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