Christians are exhorted to “...always be ready to give a defense to everyone who asks you a reason for the hope that is in you...” (1Peter 3:15). In a world where critics abound, the Believer should be equipped to defend his stance in Christ – not only with the purpose of persuading others, but to rightly examine himself and to know beyond a shadow of a doubt that his faith is indeed tried and true. In an electronically connected world Christians of all ages are finding their beliefs challenged in more aggressive ways than ever before and the days when one could live their life without experiencing these challenges has largely passed into history. Though a daunting reality for many, believers must be ready to step out onto the stage of ideas just as the Apostle Paul did on the Hill of Mars and defend their faith... or risk being pushed onto it unprepared. Ecclesiastes says that there is nothing new under the sun and thus this course will explore historical objections to the Christian faith and how some of the most gifted Christian thinkers throughout history have answered them. Over the course of the school year students will be given opportunities to work through their doubts as well as be introduced to new arguments and concepts in a safe environment. Students will explore history, theology, philosophy, and popular culture through the Christian apologetic lens to find that every discipline has apologetic value from geometry, to the sciences, even to poetry. Ultimately students will leave this course better prepared to face the worldviews espoused by media, universities, and popular culture with the fairness and love Christ expects from His followers. Average weekly homework will be 5 to 6 hours.

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Minimum age of 14 on the first day of class.


Handbook of Christian Apologetics (325020)

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