Calculus I Math-U-See

Calculus I is designed to give students an overview of Calculus. This course begins with a review of graphing, functions, limits, and basic trigonometry, then moves into derivatives, antiderivatives, and integrals. Topics include Implicit Differentiation; applying L’Hôpital’s Rule; exponential and logarithmic functions and their derivatives; applying the Chain Rule and the Mean Value Theorem; integration formulas; solving differential equations; and applying calculus to physics and economics. While this course covers many of the same concepts found in AP Calculus AB and some BC, it does not cover all the concepts necessary for success on the AP Calculus exam. Math-U-See Calculus meets the Calculus requirement for the VSA Associate and Standard Level diploma only. Homework will average 5-6 hours per week.

Price: $699.00


Minimum age of 12 on the first day of class. Successful completion of Pre-Calculus Math-U-See or comparable course in the previous 24 months is strongly encouraged.


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