Algebra I Refresher

This non-graded course provides a targeted review of the last half of Elementary Algebra (Jacobs). Intended for the student who has studied Algebra I topics but seeks a solid review to proceed with higher math courses offered by Veritas Press. Successful completion of this course may satisfy prerequisite requirements but will not substitute for Algebra I credit for transcript purposes.

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Minimum age of 12 on the first day of class. Successful completion of VSA Mathematics 6 - Saxon Pre-Algebra or comparable course in the previous 24 months is strongly encouraged.


Algebra I Course Kit (003551)
  • Elementary Algebra Student Text (620035)
  • Elementary Algebra Solutions Manual (620039)
  • These items are also recommended, but unfortunately, are not available through Veritas Press: Digital Tablet and Graphing Calculator. Click HERE for recommended products and suggestions on where to purchase.

    The Course Kit contains all the items listed below it at a discounted rate. For easy ordering, click the link to visit our ecommerce site and add the kit to your shopping cart. (This will be a separate transaction from course registration.)


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    10:00 AM - 1:00 PM EDT
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