Associate Logic

Students will study informal and deductive logic with a more relaxed approach than Logic I. Logic (the logical fallacies) is a "paradigm" discipline by which we evaluate, assess, and learn other subjects. It will welcome you into the fascinating realm of formal, deductive logic. Formal logic studies how an argument is put together, i.e., the form or structure of an argument. Associate Logic only meets the Logic I credit requirement for the VSA Associate level diploma. Homework will average 3 - 4 hours per week.

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Minimum age of 11 and maximum age of 14 on the first day of class.


Associate Logic Course Kit (003594)
  • Art of Argument Student (145045)
  • Art of Argument Teacher (145051)
  • Discovery of Deduction Student (145150)
  • Discovery of Deduction Teacher (145151)
  • The Fallacy Detective (137355)*
  • *Indicates an item that is used in more than one year and/or in other disciplines.

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