Novels of Jane Austen

Ever feel overwhelmed by the turmoil that seems to be always present in our culture? Ever feel the desire to do something about it but you don’t know where to start? Jane Austen was a British author who lived through the American Revolution, the French Revolution, the abolition of slavery, and the beginning of the Women’s Rights movement. Instead of pounding a podium or writing political letters, she chose to address all of these issues through novel writing, becoming one of the first female authors to gain popularity during her lifetime. Her novels are far more than just girly romance novels. This class will explore the literary quality of her writing, but also how to engage culturally through storytelling. Homework will average 4-6 hours a week depending upon reading speed.

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Minimum age of 14 on the first day of class.


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Novels of Jane Austen Course Kit (003578)
  • Emma (435359)
  • Mansfield Park (305390)
  • Miniatures and Morals (110682)
  • Northanger Abbey (305456)
  • Persuasion (305477)
  • Pride and Prejudice (435780)*
  • Sense and Sensibility (305520)
  • Sections