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History Old Testament and Ancient Egypt Self Paced

Old Testament Ancient Egypt students will work at their own pace covering 32 important events. Teaching is interactive—clever games, striking video footage with live actors, and even talking characters will keep the student engaged the entire year. This is so much fun that you'll find it hard to pull your child away from the computer. Learning history chronologically has proven invaluable in the lives of many children. By memorizing names, dates, places and events, children gain a valuable tool for understanding how God is working today and what He has done during many past events. Furthermore, they are following classical methodology by memorizing this material which is presented in a variety of ways that makes the memory work quite enjoyable. We’ve heard countless examples of how students who used this curriculum were able to routinely contextualize more in-depth study in later years--and that is exactly what needs to happen. Knowing a chronological sequence or time line of history is a crucial part of anyone’s education. This program will do just that.
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For our self paced history courses we recommend minimum age of 7 on the first day of class.


Recommended Resources:
  • Old Testament and Ancient Egypt Flashcards (000100) (optional but strongly recommended)
  • Bible
  • Old Testament and Ancient Egypt Self-Paced Literature Kit Level 1 (000110) (generally grades 2-3) OR
  • Old Testament and Ancient Egypt Self-Paced Literature Kit Level 2 (000111) (generally grades 4-6) OR
  • Old Testament and Ancient Egypt Self-Paced Literature Kit Levels 1 and 2 (000112) (for multiple children grades 2-6)


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