Benjamin Taylor

Taylor_ben_faculty Benjamin Taylor is a classical educator who loves Logic, English, Theology, and Christian Apologetics. His teaching experience includes working to create a Christian apologetics curriculum, serving as an online TESOL instructor, and teaching within his local church, in small groups, and Sunday school.

Mr. Taylor’s educational background includes a Bachelor’s degree in English with a minor in Christian Apologetics from College of the Ozarks. He became a certified chapter director for the Christian apologetics organization Reasonable Faith and earned a Master’s degree in Theological Studies from Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary.

Ben loves spending time with his family, whether it be reading books, building block castles, or jumping in leaf piles in fall. He also enjoys reading and studying theology and Christian sociology, with a particular interest in the glory of God and understanding how the surrounding culture can affect how Christians think.

Mr. Taylor grew up in a Christian home, but never trusted in Christ. At the age of thirteen, he became a self-proclaimed atheist. For eight years, he lived as an unbeliever, but at the age of 21, the Holy Spirit revealed to him his need for Christ and changed his affection to love the Lord. After becoming a Christian, he went on to marry his wife Abigail. They have three children, Flora Nazareth, Rosemary Olivet, and Arthur Daniel.

Ultimately, Mr. Taylor’s highest aim is to create a classroom environment that is biblically faithful, encourages critical thinking, and illustrates that all things exist to glorify the triune God.