Esther Souman

Souman_esther_faculty Esther Souman is a Ph.D. candidate in History with four years’ experience in teaching classes of first-year university students. Previously, Esther taught students one-on-one as an English language tutor, and as an educational assistant for Heritage Christian Online School. She completed her BA and MA in History and Certificate in German Studies at Simon Fraser University, where she is currently also pursuing her Ph.D. in Early Modern History. Esther is fascinated with worldview, media, and scholarship in the times and places she studies. Although her focus has primarily been on Europe, her studies also cover more global themes, such as the history of world religions, and economic and environmental history. Esther is investing her time in her graduate studies to explore and integrate new and exciting ways to teach history. She has been focusing particularly on digital tools and on popular in-person and digital games.

Esther loves to spend quality time with loved ones and learn from new acquaintances. She loves to host and entertain, hiking, biking, and kayaking, deep discussions and banter with friends, family, instructors, and students, and occasionally to lose herself in books and archives.

Esther grew up in a Reformed, Christian family who moved from the Netherlands to Canada when she was a child, and then from Canada to Australia (she remains a Canadian). Esther went to Christian schools for her primary and secondary education, and has been involved in both local and international outreach. She is learning more and more to depend on Christ as her Savior through joy and suffering, and through the encouragement and example of various God-fearing family members and friends. She is the daughter of a pastor and the oldest of seven children.