Esther Leonard

Leonard_esther_faculty Esther Leonard has over ten years of experience in education. For eight years she taught basic science to 6th-8th grade students and was a mentor teacher and department chair. After falling in love with teaching, she pursued an administrative position as a Gifted and Talented Instructional Specialist. Esther has a broad variety of educational experience: a BA in European History from Trinity University, a science teaching certificate for Teach for Texas, a Masters in Organizational Leadership from American College of Education, and a massage therapy license from Austin School of Massage. Learning is obviously a passion. She is very outgoing and loves things that allow her time to invest in people such as hosting board game nights, cooking for friends and church potlucks, playing her saxophone in the church orchestra, singing in the choir, and welcoming new neighbors to her ever-changing Air Force neighborhood. Esther accepted Jesus Christ as her personal Savior at the age of five. She was raised in a large Christian family with six older brothers and three older sisters. She is the spouse of an Air Force officer and mother to a baby girl. Esther’s number one life pursuit is to live daily for Christ in all He sets before her, eagerly looking forward to what God has for her in the days ahead.