Sara Hunt

Hunt_sara_pic_0621 Sara Hunt is a Georgia native who enjoys debates about the best sweet tea spots and other important topics. She was classically trained K-12 and can attest to the quality of classical Christian education. A graduate of the University of North Georgia, Sara has taught various courses at different levels in multiple settings. She decided to place her faith in action during her sophomore year of college and follow wherever God would lead. The “where” was Chiba, Japan as a missionary intern for a local Christian school. Her love of teaching, ESL, and culture blossomed. She pursued this passion with another educational trip to Xi’an, China and has dedicated herself to the practices that she learned in these challenging instructional settings, and she has been able to share effective teaching strategies with fellow teachers as a result. Sara has taught in middle school, high school, and adult classrooms. Her respect for different cultures brought her to attain a World Geography credential as well. Sara also spent time as a homeschool assistant to a Veritas family and has had the privilege of experiencing VSA from various points of view. She desires for her students to communicate, connect, and positively influence anyone they meet in life as a witness of God’s love. She lives in Athens, GA with her husband and rescue pup. You can find them outside playing ultimate frisbee, hiking their favorite Appalachian trail spots, or enjoying a lake day. Sara is active in her local church and provides tutoring services to immigrants in her spare time.