Toni Payne

Payne_toni_faculty Toni Payne has a love for learning and a love for Christ; these loves have fueled her service to the homeschooling community for over a decade. She has served as a classical educator and tutor for seven years with Classical Conversations, teaching high school students across many subjects using dialectic tools and the canons of rhetoric. Most recently she has worked in the hybrid-homeschooling community at Libertas Academic Collaborative in Tallahassee, teaching Latin, literature, and geometry. Having completed her B.S. in General Studies at Toccoa Falls College with a minor in Theology and Bible, Toni continues her education at Southeastern University where she is pursuing an M.A. in Classical Studies. When not reading or studying, she loves to be outdoors with her family, going for long trail runs, backpacking in the southeast, or working on her property. Toni became a Christian after high school when she began to see her sin and need for a savior. The good news of God’s grace was life-changing, and she has never stopped growing in wonder at God’s amazing love and mercy toward her. Toni has been married to her husband Aaron, an air traffic manager with the FAA, for over twenty years. They live just outside of Tallahassee, FL with their five children.