Beth Scott

Scott_beth_faculty Beth Scott has taught French, Spanish, English Language Arts, Writing, and ESL at both public and private schools and at the high school and adult levels. She also homeschooled her own four children for 15 years, including many courses with Veritas Scholars Academy. Most recently she has been a full-time high school ELA teacher at a private Christian school, in addition to teaching classes in writing and ESL for a public adult education program. Although Beth began college as a communications major, she finished with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Modern Foreign Languages with minors in Bible and Intercultural Studies from Lee University. This led to missionary work in Europe and South America where she was able to further cultivate her language skills. Born and raised on a large dairy farm in Delaware, she loves the country but also adores travel and adventure. She also enjoys studying the Bible, reading, cooking, knitting, doing word puzzles, and taking long walks with her dog. As an extreme extrovert, however, she is passionate about spending time with and investing in others, especially the mutual edification that comes from the body of Christ. Beth was raised in a Christian home where she was taught to follow Christ and dig deep into His Word, but it was not until she was in college that she fully surrendered her life to Christ. This brought a change to every area of her life as her new purpose became to walk ever closer with God and bring glory to Him in all that she does. Beth is married with four children and lives in Delaware, where she enjoys the country, the beach, and the occasional trips to nearby cities.