Alana Amunrud-Sharp

Amunrud_sharp_alana_faculty Alana Amunrud-Sharp was born in Lewistown, Montana, into a family that loves math and science so much that they can often be found doing things like working out Calculus problems after Thanksgiving Dinner or making models of atomic nuclei over Christmas Break. Her family loves Jesus even more than math and science, and she came to faith herself at a young age. It took a little longer for her to love science and math for herself, but in Junior High she had a couple of excellent teachers who were passionate about their subjects and encouraged her in those areas. She went on to major in Computer Engineering at Montana State University because it combined many of the things she was most interested in – Electronics, Computers, and Math. After graduating, she stumbled into a part-time job at a small classical school teaching math. She found that she loved teaching, and ended up staying for a few years before deciding to further her own education with a master’s degree. Accordingly, she headed to Jerusalem University College in Jerusalem, Israel to work on a degree in Historical Geography of the Bible. This combined several of her other interests: Bible, History, Geography, Geology, and Archaeology. She spent two years earning her MA and loved her time there so much that she returned to JUC for two years later to work as an assistant to the President. Mrs. Sharp currently resides in Louisville, KY with her husband Andrew and their cat Qetsiah. She still loves teaching math and science, and now has over twelve years of experience at three different schools. She especially loves it when she can connect what students are learning in math to what they are learning in science and other topics. In her free time, she enjoys reading, pondering geography in the Bible, photography, dabbling in watercolor, and adding as many flowers to her garden as she can.