Melinda Quattlebaum

Quattlebaum_melinda_faculty Melinda Quattlebaum is a born and raised Oklahoman who loves the unpredictability of Oklahoma weather. Raised in the city, she has settled with her husband of sixteen years, Randy, and their three children in a semi-rural area where he owns and runs a small pharmacy. Melinda grew up in a Christian home, but it was not until she was an adult she was able to separate the rules of religion and find a relationship with Jesus. Now, Melinda has a passion for teaching with a biblical worldview. She has twelve years of experience teaching in a small, Christian school and currently homeschools her three young children. Melinda believes that students must be taught to see the world as God sees it and that intentional, Christian education is the best way to build a biblical worldview within the next generation. Melinda has a Bachelors in Journalism and Spanish from the University of Central Oklahoma and a Master of Arts in Education in Curriculum and Instruction from Ottawa University. Melinda loves to read and named her first daughter after one of her favorite books, Emma by Jane Austen. She also likes to bake and decorate cakes and is teaching herself to crochet.