Rocio Alferez-Garcia

Alferez_garcis_rocio_faculty Trained in Spain and Ireland, Señora Rocio is a language teacher, a certified mentor and coach, and has a Bachelor’s in Marketing and a Master’s degree in International Markets. After a season working in the corporate environment, she moved to her passion – education, training, and development of young students and professionals. She loves to not only teach but to help learners grow into fulfilled adults. She's taught and trained in universities, companies, and in private tutoring. She's lived in different countries and love international learning environments. Rocío is a native Spaniard and lives in Madrid, Spain with her family. She became a Christian and was baptized in 2017, although this path had started two years prior through friends who were put in her life for God’s purposes. Since then, faith and understanding have been growing in her – steadily, powerfully and unstoppable. Rocío has one son, Jon, who is studying and working in the UK. Her passions are always related to people, arts, and nature.