Margaret Hoover

Hoover_margaret-_faculty Margaret Hoover’s passion is to see her students excel both as students and as individuals. When her oldest child was beginning school, she stumbled upon the classical Christian model of education and knew it was the path she wanted to follow for her own children. In addition to using classical Christian education inside her own home for the last eleven years, Margaret has been teaching in Classical education for many years outside her home. She has fourteen years of teaching experience with an emphasis in English and Latin. Margaret also has experience aiding students in writing and delivering speeches. She loves to help kids develop a love of languages through creative and engaging lessons that strengthen the mind and the heart. Witnessing her students grow into young men and women who love the Lord and love to learn is one of the most significant reasons Margaret enjoys teaching. She earned her Bachelor of Arts degree from Liberty University and is also uniquely qualified to teach ESL. Margaret is a beaming mother of four children (Asher, Lorelai, Micah, and Charlotte). Residing in North Carolina, Margaret serves alongside her husband Jon, who pastors a church in their community. She enjoys spending time with her family and friends, crafting, cooking, traveling, reading, and striving to become more biblically literate to reach a biblically illiterate culture.