Jennifer Downer

Downer_jennifer_faculty Jennifer Downer is an experienced teacher and scholar who earned her Ph.D. in English Literature from Arizona State University. As part of her doctorate, she specialized in the literature of the Renaissance, and under the direction of an eminent Milton scholar, she completed a dissertation on the shifting perceptions of time in the 17th century and their influence on the poetry of the era. She has published on the work of 17th century poet and Anglican priest, George Herbert, who is also a central figure in her dissertation. In addition to her doctorate, she also holds a BA in English from Arizona State University and an MA in Humanities from The University of Chicago. Jennifer has a decade of teaching experience at the university level and taught 7th and 9th grade English for two years at a competitive charter school. Jennifer was raised in a Christian family and accepted Christ at an early age, but has been spurred toward a more intimate walk with God both through theology and through His revelation in her vocation. In light of this, she is passionate about the role of literature and the arts in both spiritual formation and in cultural witness, relating strongly to the spiritual imagination and intellectual work of C.S. Lewis and the other Inklings. In her spare time, she enjoys a strong cup of loose-leaf tea, writing fiction, reading poetic and imaginative literature, learning about Norse and Celtic mythologies and folklore, encouraging her friends who are writers and artists, supporting the many international restaurants in Mesa, Arizona, and continuing to be a lifelong learner.