Grace Centanni

Centanni_grace_pic_0820 Grace Centanni has been enamored with immortal languages since she declared as an eight-year-old to her parents that she wanted to learn Greek so she could read the New Testament in the original language. After finishing a Latin/Classics major at Hillsdale College, she spent several years teaching Latin and Greek to junior high and high school students at an Arizona charter school. She studied spoken Latin on-site in Rome with the Paideia Institute, and began to incorporate speaking into her classroom to help students see the language as a way to communicate. She continued to teach and tutor in the classical languages while completing an M.Div. at Westminster Theological Seminary (PA), where she met her husband, Joshua. Grace traces her understanding of Jesus’s saving work to memorizing the catechism as a child, which launched a lifelong desire to understand the gospel and know God better through His Word. She cares deeply about classical rhetorical devices, thoughtful interaction with technology, Horatian poetic meter, Puritan educational models, and archival research in colonial Presbyterian history. She and her husband enjoy playing spontaneous word games, eating outside, hiking and camping, having friends over for dinner, and listening to baseball on the radio. She is still a Michigander at heart.