Michelle Berube

Berube_michelle_faculty Michelle Berube discovered her passion for teaching while working as a biology TA during her undergraduate studies in Animal Science at Purdue University. This newfound interest in teaching led to a full-fledged career switch to education. Michelle started out on this new path by working as an elementary school teacher in the inner-city of Chicago while simultaneously pursuing a Master’s degree in Education. This confirmed her love of teaching math and science, but she also discovered a fondness for teaching English language arts. So, after a few years, she obtained a Master’s degree in Linguistics at the University of Illinois at Chicago before moving to China and diving headlong into the world of teaching English and writing for three years. Michelle is eager to bring her passion for teaching and her love of math and language to students. She was raised in the Midwest where she was homeschooled from K-12. (If only VSA had been around then!) Michelle could often be found playing ultimate frisbee with her church’s youth group, playing board games with international students, or playing the violin, piano, and guitar, and she still loves such hobbies. Michelle has traveled to almost 30 different countries for missions, vacation, and work, and she is always planning her next trip in the back of her mind.