Kimberly Ellis

Ellis_kimberly_pic_0820 Kim Ellis has twelve years of experience teaching math and science. She loves the patterns and order found in mathematics and the awe God’s creation inspires through the study of living organisms and the laws of nature. She earned a B.S. in Biology at the University of Washington, followed by a Master’s in Education, and most recently, a Master’s in Horticulture at Cornell University. As a military wife, Kim has traveled extensively with her husband and two kids, but claims Washington State as her home. Whether growing beefsteak tomatoes in Kansas, running obstacle course races in Indiana, or hiking the Finger Lakes in New York, Kim loves to be outdoors. She currently volunteers at a local children’s garden, but has previously facilitated homeschool coops, played the piano at church, coached cross country, and translated German to English. Amidst the menagerie of activity, the central theme that holds life together is Christ and Christ alone.