Ernest Clark

Clark_ernest_pic_0820 Dr. Ernest Clark is an educational consultant and theologian with 14 years’ experience in Asia. Ernest served as discipleship director at a Christian school in Florida; founded and directed a center for the study of Indian languages, cultures, and religions in North India; and, most recently, taught and supervised postgraduate research at South Asia Institute of Advanced Christian Studies in Bengaluru, India. Ernest is a consultant with Development Associates International, a global leadership development network. Ernest received the PhD in Divinity from the University of St Andrews in Scotland. He completed master’s degrees at St Andrews, Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, and Columbia Biblical Seminary. He earned a BA in Bible at Cedarville University. Ernest’s parents nurtured his faith from an early age. Over the years, God has led Ernest ever deeper into the delight and peace of being loved by God and, from that love, into the joy of loving and serving together with God’s children around the world. Ernest and his wife Tiffany have three children: two at university and one at home. Ernest enjoys prayer and exercise in the morning, teaching in the daytime, soccer with his daughter in the evening, and good food and conversation with his family at night.