Brooke Best

Best_brooke_pic_0820 Brooke Best has been a grammar school teacher most of her professional life in Jacksonville, Florida. She taught third grade and then became an ELA and Social Studies teacher. Brooke graduated from the University of North Florida with a degree in Elementary Education in 2012. She is an avid reader, enjoys music and film, going on walks, and loves traveling, trying new restaurants and exploring exciting places. She also loves cooking and baking, spending time with friends and family, and really good coffee. Brooke grew up in a Christian home, and her mother led her to Christ at a young age. When she was eighteen, Brooke really began to pursue knowledge of God through the Word and grew in love and understanding as she studied and learned what the Bible says cover to cover. Brooke is an active member in her local church and has served as a Ladies Small Group leader in her fellowship’s Young Professionals ministry. Brooke lives with her cat, and is looking forward to getting married in 2021 to her fiancé, Mike, and moving to Savannah, GA to start a life together. They will then, at that point, add a dog to the family!