Brooke Moret

Moret_brooke_faculty Brooke Moret taught elementary school for six years in a public Charter school in Jacksonville, Florida before coming to VSA. She taught 3rd grade for all six of those years, and in the final year was departmentalized to be an ELA and Social Studies teacher. Brooke graduated from the University of North Florida with a degree in Elementary Education in 2012. Growing up in a Christian home, Brooke came to know the Lord when her mother led her to Christ at a young age. When she was eighteen, Brooke really began to pursue knowledge of God through the Word and grew in love and understanding as she studied and learned what the Bible says cover to cover. Brooke is an active member in her local church, and loves to show hospitality. Brooke currently lives with her cat (Flynn), puppy (Winston) and husband, Mike, in Savannah, GA.