Paula Judy

Judy_paula_pic_0520 Paula Judy has been gifted by God to understand and teach mathematics. She vividly remembers watching a video on God’s design and orderliness of math in the world around us while in elementary school. This video has continued to shape her life as she strives to teach her students to see patterns and order in God’s beautiful creation and in each application of math. She and her husband Dave have six children and 11 grandchildren. 2019 was the end of her journey of 31 years of teaching five of their children at home. She enjoys playing and spending time with her children and grandchildren. Paula has been teaching or tutoring children since she was 11 years old. She was a representative and employee for Math-U-See for 22 years while she offered math support to customers and traveled around the country with her children selling curriculum. She considers herself blessed to be used by God to encourage others on their journey to teach and raise their children. She also worked for a Christian hybrid model school teaching high school math online for five years. One of her joys is to see “the lights turn on” for her students as they understand a new math concept. Paula believes God has called her to come alongside other parents to encourage, to exhort, to guide, and to assist in teaching their children math.