Shannon Strader

Strader_shannon_faculty Shannon Strader’s first teaching role was in clinical research at the University of Houston . She taught child behavior management, reading comprehension, and writing. It was through this door that she fell in love with teaching. She has over two decades of collective teaching experience in educational settings that vary from homeschooling her own children, to public education, to teaching at the university level. Her favorite subjects to teach are writing, literature, and history. She holds a Bachelor of Science in English and Psychology with a focus on educational research. She holds a Master of Arts in professional Christian counseling. Shannon enjoys Pilates, cooking for her family (Her gravy recipe may be better than your Mom’s), helping people with their taxes (She’s an uncommon friend!), and reading. Shannon found Christ when she was attending church with a neighbor at 12 years old. Her husband Chad is the global worship pastor at their church, and they have three children. Her family loves to travel, attend the theater, and play cards any chance they get!