Michael Carper

Carper_michael_pic_0819 Dr. Michael Carper holds a PhD in Philosophy from St Louis University, where he focused his studies in philosophy of religion, Greek philosophy, philosophy of science, metaphysics, and aesthetics. His dissertation is an extensive Christian response to the problem of suffering and evil. Dr. Carper also holds two Master’s degrees: an MTS (Master’s in Theological Studies) from Boston University, and an MA in English from the University of Nebraska–Kearney, where he specialized in British Literature and Literary Theory. The University of Nebraska–Kearney is also Dr. Carper’s alma mater, where he received his Bachelor’s degrees in Philosophy, English, History, and Biology. Dr Carper has been teaching undergraduates and high school students since 1994. He has taught a wide range of courses including Ethics, Introduction to the Philosophy of Human Nature, Logic, English Composition and Rhetoric, Greek Philosophy, God and the Problem of Suffering, Philosophy of Science, Philosophy of Technology, and Political Philosophy. Dr. Carper is known for his Socratic approach to teaching, getting students to face a vigorous line of questioning, and for his ability to challenge students’ assumptions and to think through problems from multiple angles while retaining a focus on finding truth. His ultimate goal is to establish and sustain a sharp and thoughtful dialogue among students, and to engage them in proper critical thinking with a purpose–to become morally and intellectually virtuous persons. When he is not teaching or studying, Dr Carper likes to ballroom dance (he especially loves to Salsa!), keep in shape through CrossFit training, engage in outdoor activities like mountain climbing, hiking, camping, and watching wildlife. He enjoys city life as well, from visiting a good microbrewery with friends to taking in the St Louis art scene. He is devoted to his Church, as well as to fellowship with his church community group.