Heather Morgan

Morgan_heather_pic_0819 Heather Morgan is a Navy kid and Army veteran whose work has taken her all over the globe. She served for nearly seven years as an officer on active duty in the U.S. Army, culminating in a deployment to Afghanistan in support of Afghan-led security operations. Most recently, she spent four years teaching a mixture of 8th and 11th grade English, and 8-12th grade theatre at Shelby County High School in Kentucky. She attended Asbury College, where she participated in Army ROTC, played viola in the orchestra and chamber ensemble, and completed her BA in English and Spanish. She completed her Master of Arts in teaching through the University of Southern California’s hybrid virtual and local classroom, even attending from the hood of her humvee during field training with her unit. Formerly a globe-trotter, she enjoys putting down roots in Kentucky with her husband, Zach, and their three daughters. She enjoys finding the plotline of a good hero story in everyday challenges like homework and practice, and channeling a sense of adventure to help students thrive. She believes this “Hero’s Journey” becomes even more meaningful when we look to Christ, the only perfect hero, and seek to imitate Him, even in suffering. Growing up in a Christian home, her faith became most real in high school and college, where she was encouraged to look for glimpses of the Creator outdoors and in her studies. Once, when she was in danger of giving up on Christian faith, she heard John 1 read aloud in Spanish, and hearing this without any preconceived notions about how the words fit together, she heard the beautiful truth again, fresh. This restored her courage and resolve to walk with Jesus, and with the Church, for whom He died and rose.