Ashley Cossin

Cossin_ashley_pic_0819 Ashley Cossin resides in Orange County, California. She has taught elementary school students in a classroom setting for 18 years. She loves teaching students using the classical education model! Daily, she witnesses students being challenged academically while enjoying learning and mastering difficult material. She believes that this model of education is raising up a generation of children who are biblically literate, well-educated in all academic areas, and able to express their ideas clearly and logically. Ashley graduated with honors from Dartmouth College with a degree in Biology. She then studied at Reformed Theological Seminary, and following her seminary studies returned to California to obtain her teaching credential from the University of California, Irvine. Ashley and her family are active in their church where she serves as the Sunday School Coordinator. She and her husband have three children. Ashley enjoys reading and spends most of her free time with a good book, hiking, or relaxing at the beach.