Jeff Wells

Wells_jeffrey_faculty Jeff Wells spent 23 years in pastoral ministry during which he founded a K-8 on-site private school and home-schooling satellite program both located in the resort area of Mammoth Lakes, California. Mr. Wells also spent 15 years intermittently in the fields of security, law enforcement, and conflict coaching where it was his joy to wrestle with living out the consequences of biblical ideas in the midst of everyday people and work experience. He presently lives in Spokane, Washington with his wife and daughter and enjoys playing the guitar and piano, hiking, praying, worshipping, spending time with his family, and engaging in warm conversations that explore how to relate relevant, proven, historic and biblical theology to practical life and culture. In his early 20’s, in the hectic, revivalistic days of the Jesus movement in Southern California, Mr. Wells was pressed into full time Christian service shortly after he providentially stumbled into the field with the treasure hidden in it, and for joy over it bought the whole field (Matthew 13:44). He has been amazed at how, once the treasure of union with Christ is sincerely lived, valued, and savored, it informs all fields of knowledge and brings wisdom to all of life. He has been attempting to explain what he found ever since. He and his wife Pam have three adult children, Justin, Aaron, and Tiffany. All three received a blend of private and home school education emphasizing the classical Christian model. The only thing he loves more than his family, music, theology, and people is, as the apostle Paul said, “….the light of the glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ (2 Cor.4:6).”