Reena Kurapati

Kurapati_reena_faculty Reena Kurapati has taught 6th grade General Math, Pre-Algebra, Algebra, Geometry, remedial math, and Economics at two Christian schools in Las Vegas. Mrs. Kurapati has a master’s degree in Economics from India, and is now pursuing a master’s in Teaching and Curriculum from University of Las Vegas, Nevada. Prior to teaching, much of her professional experience was with advertising agencies managing Search Engine Marketing (SEM) accounts. Transitioning from a university student life in India to a marketing position in South Carolina was more than a culture shock. It involved embracing inadequacies and relearning the basics in a very different way. But within three years, she pioneered SEM for her clientele which more than doubled their revenue. Her transition from advertising to teaching high school was yet another sharp turn in her career adding its own challenges. However, students exhibited significant improvement in standardized test scores under her teaching. Teaching has taught her that cost benefit analysis works quite differently when it comes to Christian education. Being a Christian educator is like being on the frontlines of missions. Its rewards are incomparable. During her time as a teacher Mrs. Kurapati prepared middle school students to participate in the regional ACSI Math Olympics. She provided high school students an hour of after-school tutoring each week. Mrs. Kurapati believes that a healthy partnership between teachers and parents is imperative for student success. Her most rewarding experience as a teacher was being called the most inspiring math teacher by three valedictorian students and by their parents. Mrs. Kurapati finds herself most at home in her own kitchen, cooking and hosting. She also loves travelling, hiking, spending time with friends and family, reading, and watching movies. She doesn’t mind admitting that her husband Emmanuel is really the better half and that she hopes to have children she can one day homeschool. What she identifies most with is the title “sinner saved by Grace.” Hallelujah!