Melonie Eastham

Eastham_melonie_faculty Melonie Eastham loves teaching students to look for the integration of Biblical truth and worldview. “In the beginning was the Word…” How utterly humbling and fascinating it is to consider that the Almighty God would choose to communicate Himself to His creation. Language is the medium through which we discover our Savior is the very, eternal Word – Logos. After learning to study the Bible inductively at a young age, Mrs. Eastham became passionate about studying language and literature. Literature is the voice of the condition of man; only Christ truly ministers to the cry of the human heart. Mrs. Eastham’s classically-minded training as an educator clarified her understanding that the examination of literature and history can never be separated from the analysis of God’s Word. Mrs. Eastham holds a B.S. in Organizational Leadership and Management from Regent University and an M.A. in Literature from Clarks Summit University. Her enthusiasm for learning has been shared in Sunday school and Bible studies, as a home educator, in private and public education, and at the collegiate level. Mrs. Eastham is currently working on a book focusing on the deconstruction of Biblical truth in American literary thought. She makes her home in the beautiful mountain town of Fairplay, Colorado, and is ever thankful for her husband and family, her friends, and her family of faith. She continuously embraces one truth: that a life lived in trust of Jesus’ faithfulness is a life worth living.