Andrea McCabe

Andrea_mccabe_pic_1216 Andrea McCabe developed a love of both science and teaching early in life, helping her father set up his entomological field experiments and assisting her mother in the classroom during a childhood spent in the Philippines and in Canada. After a year serving at a 12th century castle in Austria run by Inter Varsity, she obtained a B. Sc. in Honors Biology – Cooperative Education and a B. Ed. in Secondary Education (Biology/Chemistry) from the University of Waterloo and Queen’s University, respectively. One of her greatest joys at university was a period of four months teaching at Faith Academy, a missionary school in Manila, Philippines. This experience confirmed her calling as a teacher. After teaching at a local private school for a brief period, she and her husband Nick began a family and the classical education of their four children. As a family, the McCabes enjoy good food and experiencing the beautiful outdoors of Southern Ontario, Canada. Any free time Andrea has is spent reading, experimenting in the kitchen, and learning more about the astonishing world which God has created. Andrea is excited to share her love of God’s created world by teaching at VSA, working alongside parents in the awesome task of educating the next generation.