Elliott Neff

Elliott_headshot_-_original National Master Elliott Neff is the founder of Chess4Life. He achieved the master title mostly through dedicated self-study while still a teenager. His extensive experience in both studying hundreds of chess books and teaching thousands of students led to the development of the proprietary Chess4Life teaching systems and curriculum, with the goal of helping 1 million students per week learn important life lessons through the fun game of chess. Of recent interest, Elliott has been quietly supporting the mission and helping coach Phiona, the young lady whose story is told in the new Disney chess movie Queen of Katwe. Outside of Chess4Life, Elliott loves to invest time with his young family, read, improve his own chess skills (!), run, hike, ice skate, and more – though for now time is primarily invested in Chess4Life, family & church. ------------------------- Thomas Greene will be assisting Elliott with the Chess Club. Thomas Greene graduated with a degree in history from the University of Washington. After graduating, he completed a two year internship for a Christian non-profit that worked with college students before he began coaching chess. While he has played chess for as long as he can remember, he began studying chess in earnest in fourth grade, achieving a peak online rating of 1935. He has several years of experience teaching chess formally, and loves to see students get excited about learning the game. Thomas also enjoys reading and playing soccer weekly, and likes to pretend that he knows how to sing.