Erica Searl

Searl_erica_faculty Erica Searl graduated summa cum laude from Montana State University with a BS in mathematics, (minoring in music, with a strong emphasis in physics and chemistry) then continued graduate studies in applied mathematics, numerical analysis and abstract algebra as she worked as a systems analyst designing and coding the calculations module for a major loan processing software program. Her interest in math and science started young, fueled by working alongside her mathematician/rancher father who assumed everyone should - and could - apply physics to their everyday thinking. She was a National Merit Scholar and received the outstanding math/science student medal both her junior and senior years of high school, graduating first in her class of 618. She loves homeschooling her own children as well as teaching in co-ops, tutoring math and physics, and coaching debate. Her reading currently is slanted towards Puritan writings and volumes on the history of science. She has a passion for people to see the glory of God revealed in the amazing order and beauty of his creation - and to experience the joy of understanding more and more of it whether they go on to use that in a STEM field, or to homeschool their own children, or to any of the other places God is taking her students.