Norma Tochijara

Tochijara_pic Norma Tochijara was born in Mexico City and many years ago moved to Montreal, Canada where she now lives with her family. She has been married to Victor Tochijara for over 20 years and they have two sons, Marco and Josh. She studied to be a speech therapist at the Instituto Nacional de la Comunicacion Humana (INCH), advantageous in that she can focus on proper pronunciation and articulation, especially since Spanish is her mother tongue. Since she moved to Canada, she has been homeschooling her children and tutoring Spanish. Her whole family are communicant members of the Hudson/St. Lazare Reformed Presbyterian Church of North America. Her husband is deacon at their church and Norma serves with the women. The Lord has been very gracious to her and her family by saving them at a very young age. She loves running, reading (not at the same time though), baking, teaching and being with her family.