Carter Stepper

Stepper_carter_photo_2014 Carter Stepper holds an MA in Theology from Whitworth University. He taught full time in classical schools for six years. He is an ordained deacon in the Anglican Church in North America, and is currently planting a church in Spokane, WA. Carter believes that learning is something to be excited about, and desires to impart that excitement to his students. He loves to wrestle with the big questions, and help students to do the same, understanding that all of human achievement has something to teach us. More than anything, he loves to see students understand something for the first time. His eclectic interests range from theology and the Church fathers, to science fiction, Japanese culture, and everything medieval. When he isn't buried in a book with coffee in his hand, Carter is spending time with his wife Hollie and their two children in Spokane, WA.