Rebekah Yamada

Pringle_rebekah_060214 Rebekah (Pringle) Yamada delights in opportunities to explore and share her fascination with writing, literature, cultures, genres, philosophies, theology, and the study of communication past and present. Earning degrees in Creative Writing (B.A.) and English (M.A.) from Bob Jones University increased her pleasure in these subjects. And ten years of teaching dedicated students in classrooms and through various distance learning media have definitely added to her passion for biblical thinking, communication, and education. Rebekah enjoys opportunities for one-on-one interactions with students and families as well as the unique benefits of an online classroom community from around the world and across the country. Homeschooled from K5-12 and the second of five, she values the close relationships she still enjoys with her family (including nine adorable nieces and nephews). She lives in Washington, D.C., with her husband Richard within walking distance of the Capitol. They both enjoy cooking, entertaining family and friends, great discussions, staying fit, hiking and walking, exploring museums, traveling, and, of course, reading and writing in all sorts of genres!